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March 6, 2012

PAOLO Nutini is making good progress on his new album – but fans WON’T be hearing the songs at any UK festivals this summer.

The Paisley hitmaker has spent the last 12 months writing from scratch and working in the studio to lay down tracks for his much anticipated third record.

He is currently in London’s Rak studios. Based in a Victorian schoolhouse and church hall near Regent’s Park, they boast their own residential facilities and were originally created in the 70s by legendary record producer Mickie Most.

They have recently been used by artists such as Beady Eye, Shakira and Cee-Lo Green.

Paolo has been working closely with musician, composer and producer Leo Abrahams, who has arranged a variety of film soundtracks, including Peter Jackson’s 2009 release The Lovely Bones and Steve McQueen’s Hunger.

The Scot will finish up in the studios later this week before moving to another for the next stage of his album.

But despite being one step nearer to completion, he has no plans to attend RockNess – where he headlined last year – or T in the Park in July.

An insider said: “Paolo has been working with David Neilson and Leo, his producer, on new material and he is looking at summer festivals but not any in Scotland, or indeed, the UK.

“He wants to get all his stuff together so that he can come back to a home crowd with a clear idea of what he is doing.”Paolo’s management admit the star had been approached about writing the score for a new John Lennon musical,
Nowhere Boy, based on an autobiography by Lennon’s half-sister Julia Baird, which focuses on his childhood in Liverpool.However, they are keen to keep the focus on Paolo’s album before he takes on any other projects.

Manager Brendan Moon said: “The record is the most important thing for Paolo just now.”

“The people who work with Billy Elliot and other big theatre productions have talked about Paolo working with them on Nowhere Boy but he can’t commit to anything until he’s further down the road.”

Paolo recently collaborated with Irish folk musicians The Chieftains on their recent album but his new material will not incorporate their folk sound.

Brendan added: “Paolo is a fan of The Chieftains and when they asked if he wanted to do something with them, he was thrilled. But their style will not rub off on new material. It was just something Paolo fancied doing.”

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